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Friday, 29 August 2014

Project Fame Presenter Adora Oleh Spotted In Balogun Market

I have always said that my best place in Lagos State is Balogun market not the cinemas, beaches , pubs and clubs and my friends tag me strange.

Shopping in Balogun can be stressful, but you are often greeted with variety.Spotted in the picture above is Project Fame presenter Adora Oleh in Balogun market shopping for her traditional attires.

She let out the tweet above which fuelled speculations that she maybe getting married shopping for her traditional wedding hmm!Whether it's for a wedding or not, I admire her boldness in taking a picture right in the market.If na some celebs , they will form travelling to UK, Paris etc to buy salt and tomatoes plssssss! Be yourself, be natural. Well done Ada.

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