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Friday, 29 August 2014

It’ll be weird to count the number shoes I have - Adora Oleh

MTN Project Fame host, Adora Oleh, tells ‘Nonye Ben-Nwankwoabout her fashion and style.

Would you consider yourself a fashionable person?

Yes I’d say so, I love clothes and accessories, but I prefer to create my own style. I’d say I am fashionable but I don’t like to be a slave to fashion, I wear clothes that complement my body and I try not to follow too many trends.

Do you dress up because of the job or you are naturally a stylish person?

I like dressing up, or as I like to call it, making an effort. I’m definitely at an advantage because of my jobs, I’m able to access and work with different stylists to create great looks for TV. When I’m not working, I’ll always make an effort.

Would you know the number of shoes you have?

I have a lot, but I’ve never counted how many exact pairs of shoes I have as I think it’s just a weird thing to do. I’d never allocate time to counting shoes.

Do you prefer pants or skirts?

It depends on the occasion.

How daring can you go when it comes to dressing up?

It still depends on the occasion. I might not necessarily.

Are you a perfume freak?

I absolutely love perfume; I actually don’t feel dressed if I haven’t sprayed myself with it. It completes every outfit, it’s invisible, yet powerful; and it’s with you anywhere you go. If I’m stressed, relaxed, or on the run, it’s my constant sweet smelling companion.

What has been the craziest stuff you have ever done to your hair?

I experiment more during photo-shoots. I’m not really a crazy hairstyle kind of girl. At times I’m in the mood to experiment, but then I think it best to leave it to Rihanna.

Have you ever considered shaving off your hair?

No, never. I’ve been told that I have a nice shaped head that could probably carry off the look, but I would never have the guts to see if it was true.

Do you subscribe to body piercing and tattoos?

My attitude to a question like this is to leave those who do that to have their choice; live and let live. I do think tattoos can look great on a particular type of body.

Would you love to indulge in cosmetic surgery?

At this moment in time, I can honestly say no, but ask me again in 15 years, the answers might be yes. I’m very happy with my looks; I’ve always looked after my skin and I work hard in working out daily to try and achieve optimum health but if I had to, I’d probably opt for a number of skin care products or a non-surgical cosmetic procedure.

Have you made fashion mistake before?

(Laughing) Yes. But at the time, you don’t consider it a mistake, it only becomes a mistake for me when I look back at old pictures and I say to myself, “what on earth was I thinking;” “Did I really go out of my house like that?”

What can’t we ever catch you wearing?

You’d never catch me wearing corcs sandals or a denim jacket.

Do you love dressing African?

Absolutely. I love to experiment with different Ankara styles. The vibrancy of the colours and designs is what makes African fashion unique and irreplaceable; it always makes you feel good too.

Do you think Nigerian ladies are fashionable?

Sure, as a Nigerian lady myself, I can say that we definitely like to indulge in fashion and whatever trend suits us.

Do you always follow trends?

Not all the time, I do follow some trends but overall, I think trends are getting shorter and quicker, fashion moves so quickly you’ve got to be careful not to get lost in the sea of trends nowadays. I remember when I was younger, a fashion style or trend lasted much longer. Now a certain style can be ‘in’ and ‘out’ in a few weeks.

Can we see you stepping out without make-up?

I’m always stepping out without makeup, when I work out or have errands to run. I will not be a slave to my studio fix.

What do you do at the moment?

I’ll be co-hosting MTN Project Fame West Africa six years on which I’m looking forward to very much. I continue to work on my talk show The Adora Oleh Show that will be coming to a new channel very soon which I’m also very excited about. Also working on some TV projects in America.

We learnt you featured in a soon-to-be released movie?

(Smiling) Ok, so I have to set the record straight, when I posted that Instagram picture saying that I’m making my acting debut, it was actually for Dr. Sid’s new music video, Baby Tornado Remix featuring Alexandra Burke. There were quite a few celebrity cameos in that video and as my brother, Uzo Oleh, directed the video, he thought it would be a good idea if I was in it too. I play Dr. Sid’s mum at the beginning of the video. (Laughing) It was a lot of fun.

What part of your job do you love most?

Presenting and interviewing; the talking and engaging; the investigating, asking questions, meeting people and getting to know someone through the progression of the interview is always so much fun. I love it and I always will.

Are you fulfilled?

Yes. I wake up each morning ready to face the world and thankful for being given another day, I’m happy with most things I do and I believe that I’m living my life to the fullest.

What more do you hope to achieve

I’m working on a few TV projects in America so as I work on them I pray that, that dream comes true


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